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Birds of the world

After living in Africa for a year or so, we started noticing the birds more and more whilst on safari. And it wasn’t much longer before we started recording the birds we had spotted AND taken a photo of. This page allows you to select a geographical location where we have recorded what birds we have seen. As some of these birds are really hard to take photos off, some photos are really just a snapshot of the bird as it flew away or as it is hiding amongst leaves in the scrubs. This is a recording of the first time we spotted a particular bird.

If you place your mouse over the photo (on the next page) it will tell you where and on what date we saw the bird. When you open the gallery, some descriptions add more of the story (if there is a story). We hope you enjoy looking at the collection of birds we have seen over the years, and if you spot an error please let us know! On each page we will also create a separate area for some of the birds currently still listed as ‘unknown’ (Work In Progress…). If you can help ID any of them, please get in touch via the comments!

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