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Birds of Asia

As we started traveling through Asia in 2023 we now have seen quite a few birds there too. And although Asia is huge and there are many countries with many different birds we decided to create one page to show them all (for now at least).

If you hover over the photo of the bird you will see in which country we spotted the bird for the first time. As we don’t have a book on Asian birds (when traveling we use Merlin for all our bird ID-ing) we are using the order used in the Merlin app which also starts with the water birds. At the moment (September 2023) we have traveled through Tibet, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. We didn’t see any new birds in India and Malaysia.

The number of new birds per country:

  • Tibet – 23 (we have a few unknowns still to check)
  • Indonesia – 28 (with quite a few unknown birds still to identify)
  • Sri Lanka – 97 (still finalising 3 waders)
  • Singapore – 2 (still trying to ID 2 unknown birds)
  • Philippines – 2 (one still needs to be added to the gallery, also still trying to ID a coucal)

Making it a total of 149 known new birds spotted in Asia.

Marine and coastal birds

There is a large number of water birds in Asia. This is only the new ones we have seen in this region. As many waterbirds overlap with other regions we have seen quite a few more that are not listed here.

Land birds

This is the biggest category as you can imagine, we might have to split it up at some point as we have done with African birds.


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