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Birds of Europe

We don’t spend much time in Europe, but when we are there we try to look for birds during our walks. The collection of European birds isn’t very big yet, but we enjoy adding the occasional new bird whenever we are back in Europe again.

The Netherlands has 286 birds, and in Europe there are around 700. Europe has 10 endemic species, of which we have only seen one (the European crested tit).

As we don’t have a book for the European birds, we’re not sure in what order they are usually listed. We have tried to follow the African and Australian books we have, as far as that is possible. For now, we have used the same setup as the Australian birds. Maybe one day we will get a book and sort them correctly, until then, enjoy the randomness.

Where possible we have added the names of the birds in Dutch in brackets, they can be quite different sometimes.

There might still be a few additional ‘firsts’ as Povilas is helping identify some of the remaining unknown birds from our most recent trips around Europe…

Marine and coastal birds

Eight marine and coastal birds up until 20 Feb 2020.

Freshwater birds

A total of 13 freshwater birds in Europe. We could probably add a few more photos here too, as some of the birds in this category overlap with the birds we saw in Africa…

Land birds

We’ve seen 41 land birds in Europe.

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