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Birds of Australia

As we enjoyed learning the birds of Africa, especially East Africa, so much, we decided to continue with birding after moving to Australia. Jude asked a bird book for her birthday, downloaded the app of another book onto her phone and off we went, still with the same cameras.

We have listed the birds here in the order at which they appear in the bird book (The Australian Bird Guide – Menkhorst et all). Hope you enjoy them as much as we did when we spotted them. Australia has 936 birds of which 747 actually live here or come here regularly on a migratory pattern. And then there are 29 introduced species plus another 160 vagrants, birds that are occasionally spotted but shouldn’t really be here.

Some photos are not going to win any awards, but not all birds want to pose for a portrait…

Marine and coastal birds

We have seen 15 marine and coastal birds so far (up until 31 Jul 2020)

Freshwater birds

We have seen 30 freshwater birds so far (up until 31 Jul 2020)

Land birds

We have seen 125 land birds so far (up until 31 Jul 2020)

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