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Unknown birds

We don’t always know what bird it is we have taken a photo of…. so any help is appreciated!

In this gallery we want to add photos of birds that we are unsure of. Sometimes we have an idea and just want to check with someone, other times we might have no idea whatsoever. Occasionally we will post more pictures of the same bird to possibly help in finding the correct ID.

If you know what any of these birds are and can help out, please let us know! You can leave a comment below, or get in touch with us directly. We’d love to be able to keep this gallery as small as possible.

If you hover over the photo you will see the notes. It will have the date of the photo taken, as well as the location and country. If we have an idea of what we think it is we will add that there too.Hopefully those notes will help you help us!



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