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Posted on 8 Apr 2021 | 8 comments

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our plans, both for the design of the car, and what we will do once she is finished.

Of course, like you, we have to see what the world looks like in 6-12 months’ time. And we are, like you, hoping these vaccinations will mean that travel will get back to normal, or at least that Australia will open its borders so we can get out and people can get back in when they want (and without paying a fortune for it! – but we digress….). So, effectively, we don’t have any plans on what to do when she is finished for the simple reason that we don’t know what will be possible yet. So stay tuned for an update (much) later on that type of plans.

What we can tell you is what our (design) plans are for Lara, and what we are hoping she will look like at the end of all our hard work. We have made some sketches and drawings and would love to hear what you think about our ideas. If you have any suggestions, ideas or advice then let us know! Things are still evolving as we continue the journey. Seeing the plans will hopefully also mean that it might make more sense to see what we are doing to her (more on that in the next blog, we’ve been busy!).

So, without any further ado, this is a very early mock-up in sketchup to show you what our BoB will look like (if you don’t remember, BoB is our Box on the Back).

view into BoB – with the bed in the daytime position

same view into BoB, but this time with the bed in the night time setup. Despite the fact that the beds appear side-by-side (in what they call east-west orientation) and one of us has to climb over the other person to get in bed, this is not the case. We will sleep next to each other in a north-south position so we don’t have to climb over each other.

To be able to build BoB we have had to remove the tray, the rear seats, rear doors, the rear wall and the roof. You have read all about that in the last post where Lara goes on a serious diet. Now that is finished, we will be able to build a sub-frame on which the floor, walls and pop-top roof will be built.

And then all we have to do is add some cabinets, a fridge, toilet, bed, sitting area, some solar panels, heater, shower and a few other key ingredients to complete our 4wd campervan. Sounds simple right?!

Here are some additional sketches on paper to show you our current ideas for the lay-out. It will be interesting to see when Lara rolls out of the showroom if there is any resemblance to our current plans…!

this is what we’re trying to achieve

looking towards the back when you are inside

again the section under the bed, this time the fridge has already moved to this location

and this is probably the most current version looking down into the palace (she has had a name change too, no longer BoB, the living area is now called the palace)

some detailing for our solution for the steps to get into the palace


  1. Looking good.

    Have you missed the point about sleeping E-W? Climbing over each other is the fun part!

    We have today picked up our Talvor Hilux Adventure camper. We had one before for several years.

    They are crude inside and we’ll be working on it, so we are very interested in your build.

    We’re seeing you soon at your bunfight and bringing it. Ian & Sue

    • thanks Ian! hahahahaha, yeah I am sure it is 🤪 I guess we missed that bit hahahahaha. Oh that is super exciting, we didn’t know you guys were looking for one / waiting for one! You kept that quiet… We’ve seen those and they are very much like what we are trying to build! They too sleep north-south if I can remember correctly? 🤪 We can compare notes when we see you next week! Looking forward to it 🙂

  2. Oh wow! Your sketchups look great and we’re looking forward to see more about your rebuild.

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with building your dream car. Lara is going to be amazing when finished.

    Best wishes, Reni

    • thanks! I guess it makes more sense to people now what we are trying to achieve 🙂 Hope all ok in Switzerland?!

  3. Woow, het ziet er hoe dan ook indrukwekkend en ambitieus uit. Ik overzie het technische deel van het plan niet, maar het oogt erg knap! Alleen het maken van het plan is in mijn beleving al heel knap en getuigt van veel creativiteit en inventiviteit. Ik wens jullie heel veel goeds en vooral veel plezier bij de realisatie van e.e.a. én veel wijsheid bij lastige beslissingen!!
    Een forse groet uit koud en guur Oost Souburg. 👍💨🌦❤️

    P.s. ook wij hebben de 💉💉pfizer te pakken!🥳

    • 😁
      we leren iedere dag weer nieuwe dingen! En de wijsheid bij de lastige beslissingen zullen we hard nodig hebben. Tot nu toe gaat het allemaal prima, we hebben voor alle ‘problemen’ oplossingen kunnen bedenken. Hopelijk als we het in het echt bouwen blijkt dat het goede beslissingen zijn geweest!
      Wat super dat jullie ook de eerste vaccinatie hebben gehad, hopelijk ook geen nare bijwerkingen?

  4. good to see you are retaining Land Rover’s sleek aerodynamics in your design.

    • 🤪🤣

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