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Posted on 3 Nov 2012 | 0 comments

When planning we found the following links extremely useful, hopefully they will come in handy for you too!

  • – great place to get the photos of your trip printed into a beautiful photo book (disclaimer: this is my company – we might be biased, but feel free to spread the love and let us know you found it here for a discount!)
  • – just after deciding we wanted to make this trip we found Kym and Lynne’s blog – a wealth of knowledge here on traveling overland with a 4WD
Different links
Below are some random links.
Our visit to the Alice Smith School in Kuala Lumpur. Our friends Ais and Sal’s eldest daughter Savannah goes to school there and we were invited to talk about our trip for an hour to more than 100 kids in her year. It was a fun experience which we enjoyed a lot.


more to come when I have time to update!

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