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The Kitchen Box and The Wine Rack

Posted on 12 Dec 2012 | 3 comments

Jon was home early on Friday 7 Dec and we worked on Lara again. We had to paint the kitchen box, glue the velcro to the inside for the clothes pods on Jon’s side and finish the wine rack (some say this is the most important bit!). I’ll have to re-do the glue on my side for the clothes pods as well at some point as it is coming loose on one side.

The painting was just a lot of work, who would have thought that a deep, dark red is sooooo useless in covering anything! It needs 3 (!) layers plus a base coat to actually cover the wood… Base layer and 2 coats are done, so we shoved it in for the weekend anyway. The wine rack was already mostly done, all we needed to do was cut off the section at the front that was too long, re-apply the carpet and add the plastic tubing that will hold the wine. Check out the picture so you get a better idea how we made it.

wine rack for 6 bottles and the red kitchen box in place

wine rack for 6 bottles and the red kitchen box in place

inside the kitchen box

inside the kitchen box

We didn’t have all night though as we also still had to pack for our weekend with Marjolein, John & Sal and Jo to Bundaberg to see the turtles lay eggs on the beach and taste some rum in the famous Bundaberg Rum Distillery.

But now we have finished this, all we have to do is make 3 more wooden boxes. One for in front of the wine rack and 2 in the space next to it. As the kitchen box is so heavy we decided to make 2 smaller ones for the area above it.

We went to see Luke this morning to discuss the remaining work he will do for us:

  • 2 shelves in the clothes area for shoes (we think)
  • a bracket to hold the water filter under the bonnet

He doesn’t have time this week, so we agreed we would call him the Monday when we are back from Europe, but he is happy it can all be done.


  1. A bit late on this one 😉

  2. Not sure why the blog is jumping back to Dec? Got this today 24.3.2013!?!

    • It was never added to the blog! I tried to add it as a private post so nobody would get the email, but I think I failed… Hahaha! Oops, enjoy the old post!

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