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Posted on 10 May 2022 | 0 comments

As we don’t have a lot of ‘standing space’ in our palace, we wanted to maximise the space we had. By building a table that we can move out of the way completely when we are not using it, we would free up valuable space.

We had seen those ‘swivel’ tables and other caravan and boating style setups for a table, but we didn’t like it that they were always ‘somewhere’ in the way. We wanted our table to be completely out of the way. Not having to stow it somewhere.

So, we decided on a pull out table.

That was the easy decision. Deciding on what to make it from was harder. We liked the wood look, but obviously couldn’t add a slab of beautiful hardwood as it would weigh too much. We visited places where you can buy veneer, and for a long time that was our plan. Until one day we decided that we could buy cheap IKEA table tops. We could then cut them to size and use them for the bench tops as well as the table.

picking up one of the tables at IKEA

trial fit of the table – it fits perfectly in the gap (all planned of course)

They weigh more than falcatta ply plus a layer of veneer would, but they saved us a whole heap of work (and anxiety about our skill level to make these pieces). And when we tried the table for size it was absolutely perfect. Just a few mm on either side. Brilliant. Of course we designed it that way….

We added the drawer runners, made blocks underneath the table to connect the runners to (so we don’t have the runners visible on the side with the table open) and made a front from falcatta plywood so it would match the rest of the cabinetry. It also gave us a spot to add the two catches so it stays securely shut when we are on the road.

the weight of one runner, you need 2 of these to mount the table….

Jon adding the table to the runners

sealing the front of the table

the table is in!

these are the 2 little catches we made so the latches we use can sit in front of them



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