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Panoramas of South East Asia

Posted on 9 Jun 2013 | 4 comments

We’ve been traveling 2 months through South East Asia and have seen some amazing things, done some pretty cool stuff and tasted some interesting delicacies. It’s not easy to give you an impression of what we do and what we eat, but we thought we’d try to give you an idea of what we see through these panorama shots. Let us know your favourite!

Malaysia - Lake Kenyir

Malaysia – Lake Kenyir

A beautiful lake full of islands in eastern Malaysia. We enjoyed an evening paddle and camped on the lake shore.

Malaysia - Cameron Highlands

Malaysia – Cameron Highlands

Beautiful mountain scenery of this famous tea growing area. This was the first night we used the duvet (dekbed) due to the altitude of our campground.

Thailand - Ko Phi Phi

Thailand – Ko Phi Phi

We enjoyed a short break from driving on this tropical paradise. Lots of diving and snorkeling, accompanied by great food and smoothies.

Thailand - Railay Beach

Thailand – Railay Beach

There are no roads to this beautiful area, so we paddled in with our own kayak. We even found a slackline set up between two rocks over the water.

Thailand - Railay Beach

Thailand – Railay Beach

Another of our favourites from Railay beach, this time looking towards the beaches of the mainland.

Thailand - Khao Sok National Park

Thailand – Khao Sok National Park

Great views across this remote national park. We enjoyed an evening hike to a secluded waterfall at the end of one of the trails for a lovely swim.

Thailand - Ayuthaya

Thailand – Ayuthaya

We found this collection of buddhas on our way to the historic city of Ayuthaya. It was a huge temple complex, including a whole section devoted to gory images illustrating what could happen to you if you don’t behave.

Cambodia - Siem Reap

Cambodia – Siem Reap

Sunrise at Ta Prohm, our favourite temple, which we had all to ourselves. Tomb Raider was filmed here. Absolutely stunning!

Cambodia - Siem Reap

Cambodia – Siem Reap

We used our bikes to cycle around many of the temples. This is in the Angkor Thom complex.

Cambodia - Siem Reap

Cambodia – Siem Reap

Our favourite gate from the Angkor Thom complex: the East Gate.

Cambodia - Siem Reap

Cambodia – Siem Reap

Lara at sunset at Baphuon, again in the Angkor Thom complex. This is the principle temple and famous for its 54 statues.

Cambodia - Spean Praptos

Cambodia – Spean Praptos

A bridge built in the Angkor period, and still in use today, although restricted to pedestrians, cyclists and motor bikes.

Cambodia - Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh

Cambodia – Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh

Cambodians congregate here for evening exercise, enjoying the breeze on top of the stands. Aerobics and dancing were particularly popular, along with soccer, volleyball and tennis.

Cambodia - Arang Valley in the Cardamom Mountains

Cambodia – Arang Valley in the Cardamom Mountains

Hunting for the elusive Siamese crocodiles we had an exciting time slithering up and down very muddy roads with Lara.

Thailand - South of Mae Hong Son

Thailand – South of Mae Hong Son

One of our favourite lunch stops, trees for shade and the beautiful Pai river for a swim and a ‘shower’.

Thailand - Chiang Mai

Thailand – Chiang Mai

You might remember this one from the biggest waterfight in the world. Songkran (Buddhist New Year) celebrations, we picked a pub and defended it with guns and buckets.

Laos - Huay Xai

Laos – Huay Xai

View of the jungle from our tree house during the Gibbon Experience. You can only enter and leave via zipline. A memorable experience.

Laos - Huay Xai

Laos – Huay Xai

The view across the Mekong toward Thailand. We crossed into Lao via an (overpriced) ferry.

Laos - Vientiane

Laos – Vientiane

One of the temples in Vientiane had thousands of little Buddha statues everywhere.

Laos - Tad Xay waterfall in Phou Khouay National Park

Laos – Tad Xay waterfall in Phou Khouay National Park

One of the waterfalls near Vientiane. We spent a few hours here, swimming a bit but mainly reading our books whilst sitting in the water on a rock. We then spent the night next to the falls as well. Great spot.

Laos - Van Vieng

Laos – Van Vieng

The karst formations near Van Vieng, spectacular at sunset.

Laos - Phonsavan

Laos – Phonsavan

The Plain of Jars, there were thousands of these in many different sites, we visited the main 3 sites.

Laos - Hintang Archeological Site

Laos – Hintang Archeological Site

An ancient burial site where vertical planking was invented.

Laos - bomb village

Laos – bomb village

There are so many unexploded bombs in Laos people have used them as bbq’s, flower pots and even built whole fences with them. Unfortunately too many people still die from these unexploded bombs every day.

Laos - Viengxai

Laos – Viengxai

Beautiful karst formations with many caves used by the people of Laos to escape the American bombings.

Laos - Viengxai

Laos – Viengxai

The hospital cave, very gloomy even with the electric lights. Imagine how this must have felt in the nine years it was in use during the bombings.

Laos - Houamung village

Laos – Houamung village

We visited the primary school of the tiny village with the English teacher. There were 9 classrooms and around 300 kids there, just from the few local villages. Families with 8 – 10 kids are pretty common here.

Laos - Houamung village

Laos – Houamung village

Kids in the playground of the primary school. They didn’t want to be in the photo until we showed them the camera and they could see themselves. Then they all wanted to be in it.

Laos - Boun Neua

Laos – Boun Neua

An Akha village and its swing. There is no road (yet) to this village where we spent the night with the chief’s family.


  1. beautiful places and memories for a life time!

    • Sooooo many memories and amazing places! When are you off on your holiday?!

  2. This is a fantastic compilation. When is the coffee table book coming out?

    • Thanks A! Are you putting an order in for one? 😉
      Enjoy last week of peace and quiet, getting nervous and excited yet?! We’ll be thinking of you two / three! Will write email when in wifi again, but please keep us up to date via email as we can’t access Facebook here!!! Big hug, Jx

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