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Overland Track 2010

Posted on 11 Feb 2010 | 0 comments

After finishing the Wildside mtb race in Tasmania, we are dropped off at the start of the Overland Track. We have our backpacks all ready to go and we set off straight away. The second day the weather is not very nice and we don’t have many views, but luckily this improves and the rest of the hike we have glorious sunshine. When we hike up Mt Ossa it is windstill and sunny and we spent quite a bit of time at the summit, enjoying lunch and the views.

Jon and Jude on top of Mt Ossa, Tasmania's highest mountain (1617m)

Jon and Jude on top of Mt Ossa, Tasmania’s highest mountain (1617m)

We see a lot of wildlife on the track, a handful of red-necked wallabies, but also a couple of echidnas, two tiger snakes, a few wombats, a spotted-tailed quoll and several eastern quolls. Amazing.

We have many swims in the creeks and lakes along the way as the weather is so beautiful and it is a great way to freshen up at the end of a day’s hiking. We take 6 days to complete the hike, and another day to get back from the end at the Lake St Claire visitor centre back to Launceston.

Here are some more photos (42) of our hike:

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