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Daisy Hill mtb ride

Posted on 24 Apr 2011 | 0 comments

Good Friday and we decide to go for a quick ride in another mtb area before we have to pack our bags to fly to Vanuatu…

Unfortunately we get a few text messages on our way to the trails and have to spent a good hour on the phone to Qantas and Air Vanuatu as the flight is delayed by so much that it looks like we won’t be making our connecting flight for the day trip to Pentecoste for the landdiving… Instead of 7pm tonight we are leaving at 3.30 in the morning…!

After the hour on the phone we decide it is probably best to just enjoy the riding as we are here anyway 🙂

It turns out to be a great place for riding too! That’s 2 places not far from home (this one probably took us just under 1 hour to get there) for awesome riding!

getting ready

getting ready

nice trails

nice trails

daisy_hill_03 daisy_hill_04

I can fly!!!

I can fly!!!


still a bit wet in places :-)

still a bit wet in places 🙂

can I make it...?

can I make it…?

guess not :-)

guess not 🙂

daisy_hill_10 daisy_hill_11

I have added the map so you can have a look at where we went. The 2 loops we did off the official map were a total of 8 or 9km, so they should be a bit bigger compared to the rest of the trails as the total distance was only 15km. But I have no idea where we went as I didn’t take my phone 🙂

The red track is what we rode. Click on image below to download orignal pdf from (opens in a new page).


We rode (highlighted in red):

  • Possum Box
  • Unnamed Loop – we named it the Brazilian Rollercoaster as 3 Brazilian guys took us on it and it had a section weaving through a creek in it – great fun, but the one on the Otway Oddysey was better 🙂
  • Parts of the Stringybark Trail to connect various trails
  • Tunnel of Love
  • Koala Trail (we didn’t see any, but saw the walibi)
  • Ripley’s
  • Gillian’s
  • Turning Japanese

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