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Aluminium and more wooden boxes for Lara

Posted on 23 Nov 2012 | 0 comments

On Friday 16 November we dropped off Lara at the local sheet metal work place where she was fitted with some aluminium shelves to create more easy storage options. They did a great job and we now have a space for our table and chairs, and the clothes area has been separated from the main storage area which means you can now only access the clothes area via the gull wing doors.

main storage area

The main storage area with the chairs and table in their own spaces.

clothes area

Clothes area with the gull wing door open

Kitchen box

Our kitchen box with everything that needs to go in it…

As we have already made some cloth bags with velcro to hang them up, we have now also attached the velcro to the inside of the clothes pods. We’ll take some pictures once the glue has dried up properly and we can hang the bags in there.

Our next job is to make some some wooden boxes to go onto the shelves. The first two we are working on is the kitchen box and the wine rack.

The kitchen box is heavy!! and will sit in the bottom right hand corner. The wine rack will sit on the left hand side in the middle, just above the chairs.

All the kitchen stuff we want to bring is in the kitchen box already, but we are going to make some dividers to keep it all in place. We’ll post a piccie when it is finished (and painted!)

The 3 plastic tubs you see at the top will be our food pantry. They fit perfectly on the top shelf and all they need is a strap in front of them to stop them from sliding out.

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